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FAQ scuba diving

What are the schedules?

The following schedules correspond to the departure of the boat, the appointment is 30 minutes before.
For the successive explorations in the morning, the departure is at 8:00 am. Return around noon.
For introductory dives, formations or afternoon explorations, the departure is at 2.00pm. Return around 4:00 pm.
For " sunset dive", the departure time is according to the annual period, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.
Pick-up times are according to your accommodation.

How long does the dive last?
Dives last from 45 to 60 minutes depending on your breathing.
Introductory dive last between 30 and 35 minutes.
Do you offer free pick-ups?
Yes, we do free pick-ups everywhere on the island as long as you are at least 2 divers.
For single people, pick-ups are free on the north coast between Manava hotel and Linareva pension. If you are alone, please contact us to find the cheapest solution.
Is the equipment on lend?
Yes, all Mares branded equipment is made available to divers free of charge.
Do you offer nitrox?
Yes, we are the only one on Moorea island to offer Nitrox, which increases considerably the safety of divers who want to make 3 dives per day or a long stay! And it's FREE!
Safety: where is the nearest decompression chamber?
A medical certificate is not mandatory for introductory dive. It is no longer required for exploration dives, but we strongly recommend it.
The medical certificate is mandatory for training and certifications. A medical questionnaire will be required to be filled in before your first dive with us (Download here).
Is it necessary to have a FFESSM license to dive?
A federal license is not required to dive, except for the FFESSM levels.
How long does it take for a French level 1?
After the introductury dive, we usually do it in 4 lessons: 2 afternoons in the lagoon and 1 morning of 2 lessons in the ocean.
How long does it take for an SSI or PADI referral?
There are 4 dives left to do, 2 in the lagoon in an afternoon and 2 in the ocean in a morning.
Contact us to set your personal schedule!
Is Civil Liability Insurance mandatory?
"Nemo'z" covers you when you dive or snorkel in our establishment. But we encourage you to take an individual liability insurance.
What level is required to dive in Moorea?
Level 1 or Open Water is sufficient to discover Moorea's dive sites. The dives are relatively easy and are perfect to regain to dive. For more experienced divers, the groups are adapted and more committed dives are possible.
What is the water temperature?
In Polynesia we dive all year, the southern summer from November/December to April/May brings temperatures around 29°C. The rest of the year the thermometer goes down to 26°C at its coldest!
When can we observe lemon sharks?
Sharks are seen all year but are less common during the breeding season between September and October.
When can turtles be observed?
We have the chance to observe green and hawksbill turtles all year round.
When can humpback whales be seen?
The whale season generally begins in mid-July and ends in early November. Their arrival varies from one year to the next within 1 or 2 weeks. The whales are observed 2 to 3 times a year during dives. The best way to see them is with fins, mask and snorkel. Be careful, we go into the wateronly if the behavior of the whales allows it (95% chance on the day). Nature decides. The observations in natural environment are not contractual.
What are the advantages of taking a private boat?
Choosing the option of a private boat allows you to make the sites of your choice accompanied by a certified instructor and a captain to ensure drift dives. If you take it for a day, there is the possibility to go around the island, have lunch in the middle of a deserted lagoon, and enjoy the expedition by snorkeling with turtles, eagle rays and sharks...

FAQ snorkeling

What level do I need to have to participate in the animal expeditions with fins, mask and snorkel?
Even if you have never put on fins, mask and snorkel, you will be initiated in complete safety. Rays and sharks are only in 1m of water!
More committed snorkeling can be offered to the more initiated, such as drifting in the passes.
What is drift snorkeling?
Accompanied by a guide when the weather conditions allow it, we offer to go into the water and let yourself be carried by the current. In a passe, you will discover its existing fauna and topography.
Which emblematic species can be observed?
  • The observed species guaranteed to 99% are : green sea turtle, stingray, and blacktip reef shark.
  • Spotted eagle rays are seen at 80%.
  • For dolphins, it depends on the species. For the long-beaked common dolphins found in the passes and lagoon, it is 80% of the trips of the ½ day. It is very rare to go into the water with them. For the rough-toothed dolphins that are offshore, it depends a lot on the state of the sea, the calmer it is, the more chances we have to observe them. On the other hand, if we find them, we can frequently go in the water with them.
  • Humpback whales are the main attraction every year between mid-July and early November. Our expeditions are dedicated to their encounter and we observe the mat 95%. Beware, we go into the water if the whales’behavior allows it (90% chance on the day), nature decides. Therefore, observations with fins, mask, ans snorkel are not contractual.
  • The observation of other species of cetaceans, sharks, rays, pelagic fishes remain a matter of luck.
How much does it cost?

See snorkeling rates

2021 Rates all taxes included

Promo -15% in case of prepayment

Scuba Diving

1 introductory dive
13'000 XPF / 109 EUR
Promo -15% 11'050 XPF / 93 EUR
1 refresh dive
9'900 XPF / 83 EUR
Promo -15% 8'415 XPF / 71 EUR
1 dive
9'900 XPF / 83 EUR
Promo -15% 8'415 XPF / 71 EUR
2 tanks dive
19'000 XPF / 159 EUR
Promo -15% 16'150 XPF / 135 EUR
6 dives PASS
55'000 XPF / 461 EUR
Promo -15% 46'750 XPF / 392 EUR
10 dives PASS
89'000 XPF / 746 EUR
Promo -15% 75'650 XPF / 634 EUR
20 dives PASS
170'000 XPF / 1'425 EUR
Promo -15% 144'500 XPF / 1'211 EUR
Diving courses
On demand


2 hours
per person
(mini 4 pax)
Sharks / rays / turtles
with a guide and a captain
13'000 XPF / 109 EUR
Promo -15% 11'050 XPF / 93 EUR
2 hours
Sharks / rays / turtles
with a guide and a captain
13'000 XPF / 109 EUR
Promo -15% 11'050 XPF / 93 EUR
4 hours
per person
(mini 4 pax)
Sharks / rays / turtles
with a guide and a captain
dolphins watch
south of Moorea by the lagoon
16'000 XPF / 134 EUR
Promo -15% 14'400 XPF / 121 EUR
4 hours
Sharks / rays / turtles
with a guide and a captain
dolphins watch
south of Moorea by the lagoon
72'000 XPF / 603 EUR
Promo -15% 64'800 XPF / 543 EUR
Full tour around the island
8am to 3pm
(lunch included)
For 4 persons
96'000 XPF / 804 EUR
Promo -15% 86'400 XPF / 724 EUR
Per additionnal person
5'000 XPF / 42 EUR
Promo -15% 4'500 XPF / 38 EUR
1 EUR = 119.33 XPF
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